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Webmasters of these Japanese sites cannot reply to the inquiry about BISMARK by English enough.

Therefore, although these sites have indicated "Japanese Only", this means "This site treats only in Japanese."

If you want to inquire about those sites, I hope you e-mail me in English.

ƒtƒ@ƒ“ƒTƒCƒg BISMARK Fansites

UTA UTA BannerUTAšUTA‹Sι ‹§ —l
Ribon Program BannerRibon Program•–ŒŽ δ³Κ —l’E‹ŒURLƒTƒCƒg“P‹ŽΟ
Ouhara Banner•ΙŠC‚Μ”ή•ϋ™€Œ΄ ŠC–£ —l
pink flora castle Bannerpink flora castleΌŽR Žχ —l’EVURL

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