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About link on your site

Link to this website is free. You don't have to ask for my permission to link. However, you should don't link to images directly including a banner.

(But, it is an exception when I enroll my website into some link sites.)

Prease link to top page to introduce my website on your link page, and download this banner to use your website!

Banner : Galaxie-Traum Banner or Galaxie-Traum Mini-Banner

Top page : http://galaxie-traum.vis.ne.jp/

About link on this site

This website links to the original text of a quotation. However, there is a case of introducing URL only.

Since there are many websites declared itself "I want you to establish a link only to the top page". For example, PIERROT has permitted the link only to the top page or the top page of each work.

If you want to establish a link for your site on my site, please contact by Japanese or English E-mail. Unless I consider that your website has a problem, I link to your website.

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バナー : Galaxie-Traum Banner or Galaxie-Traum Mini-Banner

トップページ : http://galaxie-traum.vis.ne.jp/




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