Galaxie-Traum BBS (Notation etc.)

in English

However, if you write in easy English, it doesn't matter. The webmastwer translates and introduces.

About German, I can't know except very easy sentences.

How to use this BBS

The foot of the BBS, the 2nd button from the right (編集) is an object for correction of a posted text. The button of the right (削除) is an object for deletion. However, it is invalid if a password is not put.

HTML tag use is impossible. This BBS can link to another site, if you post URL. This BBS is able to post special characters.

for Japanese





ä ö ü (ドイツ語ウムラウト)、à è (フランス語アクサン・グラーヴ)


では掲示板へどうぞ! → to BBS

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