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Now, I have been checking news reports about OTAKU in Japan.

In Japan, a grade-schooler girl had been brutally killed at November 2004. The journalist whom I referred in this diary concluded that OTAKU who have a liking for dolls was a criminal of the case.

But, the arrested criminal man didn't have a doll. The journalist didn't confess his inaccuracy.

There were plastic models of Evangelion etc. in the room of the boy who injured the policeman last year. Because his father had permitted, Japanese television programs showed his room. I was angry to the television program that asserts "The anime fan may sure become a criminal".

That broadcasting station is NTV. It broadcasted Bismark in past times, and I despaired.

Some Japanese TV programs conclude OTAKU to be unnatural people (Hayao Miyazaki and the studio Ghibli works are excluded), excluding time to broadcast animes.

Women fans aren't criticized easily than men. But, few programs introduced Yoai fans, who are as inferior women.

To our regret, there are still people who have a bad impression for OTAKU in Japan, too.

I'm sorry, I was able to little update Galaxie-Traum. I have suffered for a long time for one year or more...



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